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The Therapist and The Work

Welcome to CranioSacral & Osteopathic Bodywork ~

Emailing the best way to schedule and get on the appointment list:


About Vidya:

Vidya studied with Scottish osteopath Hugh Milne, in the lineage of Dr. Robert Fulford, a protégé of Dr. Sutherland.
Craniosacral Work is an evolution out of Cranial Osteopathy, a specialization of the osteopathic profession that was introduced to the world in the 1930s by an American osteopath and visionary called William Garner Sutherland after his mentorship with Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, who is considered the father of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine.
Vidya, practicing for over a decade as a Visionary CranioSacral Practitioner, encompasses the diverse schools of understanding in working with the craniosacral system which include Biodynamic, Energetic, Mechanical and Visionary.

Each session varies, as an assortment of modalities and past studies are informing each treatment, according to what is needed to bring the patient back into harmony.
These include CranioSacral, somatics, intuitive healing, traditional bodywork tuina & chi nei tsang, shiatsu, polarity, myofascial, reflexology, acupressure.

A Bit About CranioSacral:

Craniosacral work has traditionally focused on the 22 bones that make up the human head, the vertebra and sacrum, and also on the brain, the central nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the system of membranes inside the cranium and spinal column.

Craniosacral therapy is often used in treating chronic pain of the joints, back, and neck, and chronic headaches and trauma resulting from accidents. It has been very successful in treating children suffering from frequent ear infections or adolescents experiencing pain while going through orthodontia. This versatile form of bodywork is also used to release emotional blocks that ultimately manifest as physical problems, and it has even been used in conjunction with other therapeutic methods to treat ADD and ADHD in both children and adults.

Craniosacral therapy focuses on optimizing the position, fluid movement ('wave') and energy (piezolelectric charge and chi) of these parts of the craniosacral system. We also focus on bringing the craniosacral system back to balance in the central line of the body.

Specific gentle contacts over various areas of the body help the patient align, remove blocks, pain and feel more at home in themselves. The innate healing potential reawakened and realigned, and often deep insight comes to the patient allowing them to see what was troubling them and what is needed to regain balance. As this modality is non-invasive, it is suitable for all ages.

Sutherland says of his mentor, Dr. Still the founder of Osteopathy....

Still was like the X-ray: He could look right through you and see things, and tell you things, without putting his hands upon the body. I have seen him do that! Time and time again. When some of the early teachers had a clinic up before class, hunting for the lesion, in would come the old Doctor from the rear,"Here's your lesion." How did he do it?

More About Vidya:

Vidya's post-graduate work has included some years of assistant teaching with osteopath Hugh Milne in the Visionary Craniosacral Work Trainings in Los Angeles, Big Sur & San Francisco Bay area.

Intuitive healing trainings of many years with various mentors has assisted Vidya to more deeply cultivate energetic skills and awareness employed for both reading and healings. This training fosters deep meditative states and strong experiential relationship with the elements which then facilitates the client in clearing multi-level energetic blocks and coming into harmony with divine nature and true clarity of purpose.

Vidya is a Certified Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie and offers both private sessions and workshops in The Work. The Work is a simple process used to identify and question, and free yourself of any belief that is causing stress or suffering in your life. This session is offered in person and by skype or phone.

For more information, and videos of 'The Work' in progress, please visit www.thework.com

Previous study: includes photography, design, Foreign Studies & Spanish language in US & Spain.
Meditation in India & Nepal particularly Advaita Vedant with HWL Poonja and
and Dzogchen with Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. While living in India for years, she was also immersed in studying the Science of Ayurveda including nutritional education, yoga, herbal & body therapies, starting an herbal supplement & tea company, and co-authoring two books on Sri Poonja's teachings.

Vidya continued training in the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine; theory, point location, herbal studies, traditional bodywork TuiNa & Chi Nei Tsang at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. Her past study has also included a variety of modalities including intuitive healing, deep tissue, polarity, myofascial, reflexology, acupressure, pregnancy massage. A mother herself, she pursued midwifery studies and as a birth assistant or 'doula' Vidya has assisted many births in the SF Bay Area. Incorporating, diet, nutrition, yoga, counseling, breathing, meditative techniques, craniosacral to assist each woman's unique process.

Please contact Vidya for sessions, current schedule of events and workshops as well as private tutoring in craniosacral, natural healing, and facilitation in the work of Byron Katie.